5 Days Tour


5 Days Tour in Armenia

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Day 1

Arrival, meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation.


Day 2


City tour in Yerevan:  Matenadaran - the pride of Armenian culture, the world's largest storage of ancient manuscripts. It towers over Mesrop Mashtots Prospect in the centre of Yerevan. It was created on the basis of the collection of manuscripts, nationalized in 1920, belonging to Echmiadzin Monaster. The chronological sequence of the exhibits arrangement represents the national writing culture from the very beginning to the 19 th century. History museum of Armenia, where different eras of the Armenian Highland are represented - beginning from the Paleolithic to the present days. Tour to “Erebuni” Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve. Tour to Yerevan Brandy Company, producer of the brand ARARAT. Lunch time. Free time for shopping.

Day 3


Departure from the hotel. Our first stop is the Arch of Charents (architect R. Israelian, 1957), from which opens a breathtaking view of the Ararat valley with Ararat (Masis) soaring on the horizon. Garni is the pagan temple of the Sun-  the true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia. It is one of the most ancient landmarks in Kotayk and whole Armenia which has survived since pagan period. A small hike to the Garni Gorge, where we can discover the natural wonder – "Symphony of the Stones" basalt column formations along the cliff side. Geghard  is a medieval monastery in the Kotayk province of Armenia, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. Geghard, or more fully Geghardavank , meaning "the Monastery of the Spear", originates from the spear which had wounded Jesus at the Crucifixion, allegedly brought to Armenia by Apostle Jude, called here Thaddeus, and stored amongst many other relics. Now it is displayed in the Echmiadzin treasury. Geghard is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Return to Yerevan.

Day 4


Departure from the hotel. Tsaghkadzor - Kecharis Monastery, one of the most important religious and cultural centers of 11-13 cc. The Tsakhkadzor Ropeway* is located on a slope of Teghenis Mount. From the height of 2819m, where the speed chairlift will take you in 32 minutes, all Armenia is visible at a glance – in clear weather, it offers a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat .  Lake  Sevan is the largest lake in Caucasus and the highest fresh-water lake in the world. Sevanavank, a prominent historic-architectural complex of the 9th century, which besides the churches included printing house, guest houses, warehouses, refectory, and so on. Goshavank is one of the most famous religious and educational centers of medieval Armenia, where for 25 years the great Armenian scientist, jurist and chronicler Mkhitar Ghosh (1130 -1213) lived and worked. Haghartsin Monastery is one the best examples of Armenian monasteries with its architectural solutions and fine arts, which was built between the 10th and 14th centuries. Arrival in Yerevan


Day 5


Departure from the hotel. Churches of Saint Hripsimé and Saint Gayane - ancient monuments in Echmiadzin. According to the legend these temples were erected in the honor of the martyrs - the first Christian women who escaped from prosecutions of the Roman Emperor. The Temples are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Etchmiadzin Cathedral - the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church, built in 4th century. Armenia's patron saint Gregory the Illuminator had a vision of Jesus descending from heaven and striking the earth with a golden hammer to show where the cathedral should be built. The Cathedral is built on a place of pagan temple. It is one of the oldest Christian structures in the world. Zvartnots Cathedral is considered as a masterpiece of early medieval Armenian architecture, and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arrival in Yerevan


Day 6


Transfer to airport.





 Аccommodation at:

Price Per Person

3+/ 4 star hotel


1-5 pax

778 USD

15pax and more

692 USD

* Optional: ticket price is 2000 AMD for one way.


The price of the program includes:

  • Hotel accommodation in Yerevan;
  • Breakfasts at the hotel;
  • Transfers (comfortable air-conditioned minibus or bus);
  • Professional guide service, speaking Armenian, Russian, English;
  • Entrance fees to the historical and cultural attractions;

Additional information:

  • The unused portions of the itinerary are not refundable;
  • The tour schedule can be changed for technical reasons;

The price of the program does not  include:

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